Secure Erase Of USB Hard

File Shredder
Allows you to erase any file from the hard drive beyond the point of recovery.
Pow Tools
SeaTools for Windows
Free hard disk diagnostic utility.
Seagate Technology LLC
Ashampoo Magical Defrag
A background application that will defragment your hard-disk.
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

Secure Erase of USB Hard

HD Tune Pro
It can be used to benchmark your hard disk and measure its performance.
EFD Software
Hard Disk LED
Hard Disk LED simulates hard disk/cd-rom/floppy lights that flash every time there's a disk activity......
Pragmatica Software Limited
Paragon Disk Wiper
It can completely erase a whole hard disk.
Paragon Software Group
Drive Erase Pro
Drive Erase Pro completely and permanently erases data from your hard drive.
Hard Disk Scrubber
Summit's Hard Disk Scrubber is a secure delete program.
Summit Computer Networks, Inc
4Neurons Eraser
Physically erases the content of deleted file without recover possibility.
4 Neurons
AEVITA Erase Hard Drive
Permanently erase all data from your hard drive beyond recovery!
AEVITA Software Ltd.
ShredIt for Windows
Erase a hard drive, wipe a file with this easy to use File Shredder for Windows.
Mireth Technology Corp.
Hard Dollar Client
Hard Dollar
Hard Dollar
Hard Dollar

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Secure Erase of USB Hard

MariusSoft Disk Scrubber
Disk Scrubber allows you to truly erase removed files from your hard drive.
MariusSoft LLC
Analyzes the S.M.A.R.T status information for state-of-the-art hard drives.
Markement GmbH
CompuApps Secure DiskWipe
It is a powerful program designed for the secure erase of data.
CompuApps, Inc.
Manage USB Hard Drive
BASF IT Services
Paragon Disk Wiper™ 12 Professional
It is a program that allows you to completely erase a whole hard disk.
Paragon Software
Manage USB Hard Drive ENG
BASF IT Services
Secure PC Optimizer
It can clean junk files, defragment hard disks, etc.
PC Health Cure